My Audio Photo Gallery

1. Early DIY ECC83 line preamplifier (~1990)
2. Supex SDX-1100D MC Cartridge

3. Early DIY 200W amplifier (~1990)

4. 同為QUAD ESL愛好者的王先生的系統
Thorens Ambiance/SME V/BM LP; Klimo Merlin;
Accuphase EQ
QUAD ESL 63pro/Gradient (Modified by US ElectroStatic)

Luxman SACD; Verdier amp
5. DG鋼琴錄音的示範片
6. 管風琴錄音的示範片(法國Fy)
7. EAR834P - My phono stage before Nagra PL-P
電源部分以及電路上的電容已經被更改, 真空管座也是改過的

8. Another DIY 200W amplifier (~1990)

9. 巴哈管風琴大全集(Valois)
10. Decca Jubilee on Opus3 Cantus/Continuo JRi
11. More balance weight for Cantus to work with heavier cartridge.
12. Decca Gold retipped by Dr. vdH
13. Decca唱頭針桿(摘自網路)
14. Decca唱頭原裝紙盒

15. Decca Mk. IV SC4E

16. BJC (Blue Jeans Cable) with Eichmann RCA
17. Special studio version of Garrard 301; 這是在台北唐竹音響裡看到的.  非常少見的BBC電台version.

18. 三條換上Eichmann RCA的訊號線: Siltech 4-40, Oyaide FTVS-510, BJC LC-1
Siltech 4-40

Oyaide FTVS-510

Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
19. 老同學鍾先生的系統, 難得一見的平面喇叭Podium 0.5
台灣難得一見的平面喇叭Podium 0.5

Podium 0.5的背面

2 則留言:

  1. hi,

    I am interested in buying decca cart after reading your wonder review. I find the website with many different cart. do you know what are the difference between ref, jubilee, super gold and gold cart.

    thank you very much.

    1. Hi Wesley,
      They are based on same mechanism and built for different price categories. You can refer my post of "Decca History/Decca唱頭的演變". And it will depend on your budget.